Friday, September 30, 2011

Open CL first program

I struggled to find a really good program to getting started on openCL. so, in typical programmer fashion, I decided to make my own that fixed where others came short. I tried a couple places to post this, but no where had really good support for posting my code. What I ended up doing was realizing that I can host files from UbuntuOne. You can get the file from here.

The entire program is in one file for simplicity (first of my complaints against other examples). I go through the minimum steps to accomplish what is needed (another complaint) and explain what each step does and what the arguments that go into it are (my other big annoyance).

Remember, I'm learning this to as I blog, so I explain everything to the best of my understanding (by basically reading the openCL reference guide and rewording it). There are a couple things in that file that I out right said, I don't understand. But Considering the amount of comments I put in, if you read all of this, you should have a very good grasp on the basic steps. I might format it more down the road to make it prettier, easier to read, and more consistent. Any comments for improvements are welcome.

But from this point you have a code base to start from. And it is always always easier to start from a code base then to start from scratch. iterative development ftw!

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