Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kick starter

I was going to try to accomplish something on Facere, but a recent change in Ubuntu One broke it on my netbook, and things are currently re-assembling themselves, mean I can't access my files for Facere right now. Not wanting to waste time, I decided to move I decided to have a mental walk around an idea I had for next summer.

Between now and this time next year I hope to have completed Delta and Epsilon, and be working on Zeta. If such comes to pass, I might be able to make a step towards a kick starter. For a long time I've been interested in making a truly freeing space what-ever-you-want-to-do game which has a heavy focus on physics and custom ships. the custom ships being by far the singly most important feature. If I have zeta in alpha, then I might be able get a little interest in funding me towards that objective.

I estimated that I earned about 3k$ this summer working for computing services. If I were to try for a kick starter, I'd probably live with my mom over the summer which would cut costs a bit. But this project would essentially be my summer job. If I could get a kick starter fund of 2k$ I could probably justify it as a reasonable choice. If I could get 3-4k$ it not only would be a reasonable choice, but quite probably the most prudent one.

And my imagination flies off the hook here: If, and it is a big if I know, but If I accomplish something that is would be of the status of minecraft's first release, or dwarf fort, or overgrowth, and get something where people are purchasing pre-orders, I may very well be able to turn this in to my lively hood while I'm working towards my masters. That would be uber cool. I could settle where ever I need to and just work on what I'm truly passionate about.

Ok, the last paragraph maybe be a little far fetched, but as we have seen is entirely possible. I'm going to keep this idea in the back of my head, and press forward with Delta and Epsilon. If I can complete them and start working on Zeta by christmas break next year. I may just try to do this kick starter business.

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