Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simple Introduction

I recently had a little explosion on stack overflow. While I'm not afraid to admit I was probably in the wrong and the one being unreasonable, I think my point still stands. I wanted a simple introduction geometry shaders that would help me wrap my mind around how they work. Most of what I ran across was either very poor in quality (poor explanations, poor examples, specific to systems or environments) or far to technical (lots of words or phrases that aren't familiar to unskilled users, a feeling that you already understand how the rest of the system works and this is just adding on a new feature to what you already know, etc). So I wanted to see if anyone out there new of a good tutorial. My question was closed as not actually a question.

I'm taking a potentially permanent hiatus from any interactions with SO till I calm down. But also, it made me think. Of what quality is my OpenCL tutorial? I think Winkle was trying to get me to understand this too. It wasn't helpful for some one who doesn't already know how the system works. So. I'm taking a step back with my openCL intro. I'm going to see if I might be able to incorporate pictures and explain better how parallelization works. This will be a good exercise for me I think, and if I can explain it on such a level, that also means that I'll probably have to clarify things in my head. I may end up reading my own tutorial as I make it. xD

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